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Background: I've replaced the front brake cylinders, rubber and steel brake lines and linings on my spider; I've had drums cut to spec.

Problem: I've bleed the two rear brake cylinders, the passenger front brake cylinder without any trouble. The driver's front cylinder does not bleed.

When I loosen the bleeder nothing happens. I've pumped my leg off, even installed a one-person bleeding system that pressurizes the system up to 20 PSI and nothing happens.

Clue: when I remove the driver's side brake shoes and hand-press the cylinder pistons, the bleeder works fine. With the brake shoes and drum on--NOTHING.

Clue: the cylinders are 1" units from Moss Motors, an Austin Healey part that is supposed to be interchangeable with our cylindes.

Any thoughts?
Best, Vince Coppola
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