• 750 Giulietta crankshaft, ground .010" mains, .020" rods, half moons and bolts. #4 main shows some skidding but doesn't measure differently. $200
  • Dualloys NOS 750 main bearings standard. $200
  • Modern production 750 main bearings .020". $150
  • TRW 750 main bearings .020", divots on a couple from nitwit shipping, little pips where other shells dug in. Should be usable with a little work. $50
  • Vandervell NOS 750 crank thrust washers, standard. VPW184. $200

Happy to put a package together. Rod bearings are same as 101 1300s. Plus shipping. I'd presume to grind mains to .020, maybe just polish rods. Been on my shelf many years.