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Giulia SS Worth

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My wife and I inherited a 1965 Giulia SS 1600 from her family. It was 20th from the last one built, and had sat in a hanger for 30+/- years. Body is in good condition, and as far as rust goes, there is none. there is a small dent here and there. interior is in good condition. Motor runs and it drives but i have low compression on the back two cylinders and could ues some work. We dont know if we want to keep it and fix it up in a couple of years or sell it and get something else. I have seen a couple of cars go for $20,000-$26,000 that are rusty. Im just wondering what range from other Alfa owners


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I think Lionel means $40k.

Given some of the recent auction sales (~$75,000), I think this car would bring more than $40,000
Hello Lawrence,

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I thought k now means ok:confused:

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REALLY nice car btw.
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Who cares what the letters mean?

That is a beautiful car and it appears in fantastic shape! I'm sure you could sell it and get something else but you'll never get something as unique as that car. IMO, the current market for such cars is depressed. If you carefully stored it for a few years (waiting for the economy to improve) you'd get much more money for it then.
soooooo........ anymore thoughts on the cars worth. lol, just kidding guys. I was thinking $40,000 or $40,000,000 would be a good price
Wow, talk about getting "off thread"!

I do have a question:
Was it common to have the engine compartment painted black while the body is painted a red? I've noticed the same thing in other picts of this model before.

Very nice by the way....
Off the top of my head, the only black engine bay from the factory was the Montreal (although there may be others).
I have recieved info from Alfa Romeo Documentation Center which reads

"According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 381379 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (101.21), manufactured on the 21st January 1965 (less than 2 months before the latest chassis) and sold on the 13th May 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc. Newark, U.S.A.

The body colour is white, with red interiors."

This car was bought buy my wifes grandfather in July 1976 to add to his 40 car collection and he passed away in Sept 1976. This is how he bought the car, red and Black. Im just wondering why someone would have completely changed an 11yr old car.
Somebody...anybody.. give him $40G's to stop this thread
what Divotandtralee? do you have beef with the Giulia SS?
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