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Time for a long overdue update on this project. Phase Two etc etc!

I've enjoyed the car a lot since this conversion, and it's not missed a beat.

Here are a couple of short videos for the sake of it:

Thank you very much to RedDevil aka Chris Clarke who has sold me another 75 TS Engine.

The plan is now to build this engine up and replace the existing one.

I want to aim for 180-200bhp.

In all honesty this will be my first engine build since rebuilding a tractor engine when I was an apprentice at 16, so I need to take my time and get plenty of advice.

So far the plan in my head looks like:

  • Forged Lightweight Pistons
  • Standard Rods (perhaps shot preened and weighed etc)
  • Different Camshafts (prefrably keeping VVT)
  • Standard Valves and Valve Guides
  • New Big End Shells etc
  • Head Porting - Maybe - but I've heard the stock head is pretty good
I've decided against mucking about with 155 heads, looks like a faff to me.

All of this should go quite well with my existing setup of Jenvey Bodies and Omex ECU.

If anything one of the things that daunts me more is taking the engine and transmission out, simple enough I guess, just one of those things I haven't done yet.

Want to keep the car on the road and continue to enjoy whilst slowly building up the engine.

Some questions:

Is it ok to use the original head studs? Should I replace them?

Also replace the timing chains as a matter of course?

What is a sensible rev limit for a build like this? Would I need lighter/forged rods at higher rev limit?

Obviously will be paying attention the uprating valve springs etc along with cams...

In other news I now have the perfect everyday car to complement the GTV:
I have available for sale a unused Catcams intake camshaft for VVT for 75 head, 13.45 lift. Combined with a catcams exhaust cam with a little less lift it brings me (without VVT ) 213 hp and a bit over 225Nm , powerband up to 8000 (it still has 205 hp there). cr 10.6, stock valves. But ported head and 48 ITB with venturi in intakechannel after the ITBs.

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Better late than never!]
Oh the noise ! Fantastico !!

You have the accel enrichment dialled in really well too - very smooth punch on fast transitions - awesome !
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