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Dear Alfista:
After having defined, with the assistance of various members of this Forum, the origins and pedigree of our GTA , we are pleased to put it to your consideration:

• Model: Alfa Sprint GTA (step front)
• Chasis Number: 848012,
• Production: July 1, 1969
• Sold at: Rome
• Engine: 1991cc, testa stretta (GTAm) (in perfect running conditions)(video available)
• Preparation: Franco Angelini
• Ignition: Double (2 spark plugs/cylinder)
• Valves: 8 valves
• Feeding: 2 Double body Carburators (WEBER 45mm)
• Horsepower: hp 250 (estimated)
• Brake boosters: 2 (Bonaldi)

• Oil radiator
• Magnesium oil pan
• Magnesuim valve cover
• Racing seat

This Alfa belong to Scuderia Angelini of Rome, and likely ran in Group 5 until 1976, when this Alfa was purchased by the Ecuadorian Car Race Champion, Mr. Guido Recalde (please refer to the attached pictures), who brought it to Quito – Ecuador. This car ran since then in local races, alternating the GTAm type engine with standard 1600cc engines.

This Alfa was being restored (2004-2008) by a known Ecuadorian collector (banker), who later on broke…As a consequence his classic cars collection ended for sale in a public auction where we adquire it a couple of months ago. The current condition of the GTA is that shown in the pictures, the body is rust free, the engine is in “as new condition” since it was restored 3 years ago and has done only a few kilometers since then. The body paint has been removed in order to show the actual alluminum body status.
In our goal of better understanding what vehicle we had, in an open and transparent way, we show the car in one of the most knowledgable “Alfisti” experts forum…. Extensive documentation can be found at the link:

This GTA is in Quito, Ecuador, South America


If you need more information or like to see more pictures and/or videos, please contact us.


Gonzalo Freile Ardiani
Cel.: +593-9-4828-356
Mail: [email protected]
Skype: gfreilea
Information contained in this email is intended for the named recipient(s) only and must not be copied, distributed or published in any way without prior consent from the author.


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