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Giulia Spider Veloce Manual

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Offering for sale a Giulia Spider Veloce Description and Technical Characteristics manual published Oct. 1964. Seven pages -- clean. Included also is a copy of Parts Bulletin No. 23 which highlights all the parts unique to the 101.18 vs. the 101.23. And I will include several documents
from Chris Boles who managed the Veloce Register. $20 includes shipping.
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I still manage the Veloce Registers. :D
Nice to see an original copy of the register! I found my original the other day from the first one I sent out. I do not think I have a copy of that one. That has to be 45 years old.
The Chris Boles Register is dated 3/21/79. Chassis #390549 at that time was in Ohio. I bought the car later in 1979 and kept it for 30 years. It now lives in Connecticut.
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