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Giulia sedan rear bumper-

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Beautiful straight example ready to mount, stainless version, very light. Asking $250.00 delivery to Bay Area possible in early October. Shipping would have to be quoted but guessing due to size it won’t be cheap. Please respond through [email protected]
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Would you happen to know if this one would be correct for a 1964/ 65 TI? I think there were many subtle differences, especially on corners. THanks - Mike
This bumper was on a 65 TI but I do know some early TIs also came with chrome bumpers. Not sure when the change over occurred. As a racer I do appreciate the light weight of the SS version.
Great deal and price.. One would think these are only necessary for rear end collisions but I have been tweaked in parking lots by blue hairs.. Great insurance policy!
Ah, yeah, @justcallmefred - Let me look at my car in the garage and do a quick research on it. If this is correct for my car/ production (Manufactured very late 1964), I will take it. If memory serves me right (God knows I looked at my car a million times), the front bumper is chromed, the rear bumper is not. Unsure if this is original or the car already wears replacement pieces. Front bumper shape though is correct for TIs with all the cut outs for the lights.

Please hold my beer ... bumper .... :)
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The bumper has been sold, thank-you!
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