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Giulia Nuova Bumper Overriders

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Would anybody know how to remove the black rubber overriders on a Nuova ?

Apparently hard to come by and don't want to damage them .

Many Thanks

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Hi Andy, I had one pair of these only rubber overriders and well remember that there wasnt any kind of bits behind them . So, I guess they must go snap in/out somehow
Thanks for your feedback and I think you might be right . Seems the covers may somehow grab onto the interior metal override without any bolts. I was afraid to mess with them to much in fear of snapping them ? I may let them sit in the sun and warm up before I try again to pop them off .

I will post my my findings when resolved

Thanks again
more details from my memory...yes, must be a snap only. I remember that the nos I had last year, had already cut slots on the rubber just on the back to snap on the metal . So, if you catch the top rubber part from behind with one hand, lift a little (strongly) you will be ok. Maybe will need the bottom first, but I guess it will be shown as you do the first trials
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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