Giro D'Italia Automobilistico is the Italian equiviant of Tour de France Automobile, but you already knew that ... ;-)
...anyway, I've been creating a lot of decals lately and posting them to my website. though not all, they're mostly Porsche related.
Monza Mystique store front
I've always had Alfa in the back of my mind but its really not easy coming up with something cool that hasn't already been done.

I've think I've finally found a couple nice potentially Alfa Romeo related with these.
See what you think... first one is 3.75 x 3.39 inches and the second is 5.5 x 2 inches.
They're $9 each plus shipping... also, they are front adhesive meaning they stick on the inside of your window and face out.
If interested you can purchase through the website or here... if here, message me your info.
many thanks,
Happy new year.
Mark Morrissey
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