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I'd just like to say Hello.

Hello. :D

I'm not an Alfa owner yet, but I plan to be soon. One of my best mates used to have a 75 and I fell in love the exhaust note his car had. (he sold it and got a Toyota, yeah I know :confused: )
Anyhow, I've fallen in love with the 1750 GTV, love the looks, love the sound, love the motor, just love it.
Seeing some racing completely finished me off. I always wanted a 1960s-70s car, and now I've found the one I want.

So if anyone knows of any for sale down here in New Zealand, let me know.

P.S I currently drive a Peugeot 205 GTi, please dont hold it against me, ALFAs are cool but PUGS RULE!

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