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Hi y'all- Just getting active on the forums again! This account is for Alfa Romeo of Strongsville, located just outside of Cleveland. We're looking to support the community and contribute meaningfully to the forum. How would you like us to do that?

A couple disclosures:
1) I'm not going to talk pricing on the forums, I would be happy to give both specific and ballpark figures on an individual basis. Direct pricing questions to my email: [email protected] or PM me on the forum
2) I'm not going to comment on other dealer's practices... I can only talk about my dealer and the way we do things or about the dealership experience as an abstract experience
3) I'm a car guy and love many other brands too so don't come to me with your BMW/ Audi/ AMG hate, but I would also get a Giulia over any of our competitors :LOL:
4) I'm just a lowly sales guy, not the GM, not a manager in anyway so keep that in mind!

Alright let's have some fun:
What questions do you have for a dealer?
What do you love about the dealer experience?
What can be done better?
How can we improve your ownership experience?
Other random things y'all want me to hear, ask about, relay to the higher ups?

Also is it too "salesy" to post our monthly lease special to our profile? We're here to support the community not necessarily to boost sales [although I definitely wouldn't mind], just want to make sure we're being helpful!

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Welcome aboard the Alfa Bulletin Board JT, nice to have a Sales Team so passionate about the product !!

I've elevated your questions re posting monthly lease special to the BB Admins for their feedback

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