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Ok, I've scanned the older posts about this but still at a lost as to what is next:

1984 Spider, when at idle, get 13V on a meter. As the rpm increases, the voltage goes to about 12V, and any load such as lights or fan drops voltage to below 12V and the gen lights glows and becomes brighter as the rpms increase. Shouldn't my alternator prevent this ?

Based on previous posts, have taken the alternator in for bench testing and it puts out 14V. I have checked the ground to the engine and the neg. terminal to the battery.

The red and green terminal out of the alternator go to a terminal block. With ignition on and engine off, get 12.4v on red terminal but when engine on, get mini-volt readings. Why is this ? If my alternator is good and my ground is good, where do I look next?

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