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I am working on a number of winter projects

1. Geared starter motor for the 2600 engine
2. Hall effect electronic ignition
3. Heater valve replacement
4. Tools for have-nots

All are progressing well, with success on No 1

I have sourced a geared starter motor for the 2600 from CCW tools in the UK

Alfa Romeo '62 2600 2 bolt fixing - Reduction Gear Starter Motor --- Sealey & Draper Tools - CCW-Tools

or Sealey & Draper Tools - CCW-Tools - search for 2600 starter

The starter is a WOSP manufactured by Luke motor sport - they have been established in this field for a long time and produce starter motors for over 250 applications - plus alternators disguised as generators.

By coincidence they are only 10 minutes from my home and I was able to take an old block to their workshop so they could develop a special starter for the 2600.

I have not tried in my car yet but it works well on my rebuilt engine. This engine with a standard Bosch starter only made a rather depressing 140 – 160 psi per cylinder after 3 or 4 cranks of the engine. On the WOSP which is 1.5kw it made 200psi on every cylinder after 2 cranks.

When cranking it is so quiet it sounds like the starter is in another room.

Apparently racers use these geared starters to drive cars onto trailers when the engines are dead.

Pictures below – on to the next project!


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for the time my next project is the 2600 Spider chemical paint stripping.
in the meantime, I build along the Maserati 3500th
therefore I am not adopted so much effort alfa.
in any case I think the project with the starter a great thing.
It will form as now completely different opinions.
the other will say it is not original, and so a modern starter does not fit in the engine compartment of a classic vehicle.
i know this from my previously restored vehicles, which were made safe not so bad.
but there are always people who seek to expose what in principle.
probably this is high-tech start then people including those too quiet.
In any case I am on my next project to install an extremely strong start.
let's see, have a specialist who can tunne starter to substantially higher power and speed.
with the 123-inflammatory and such a starter, it may not be good for carburetors problem.
a friend who is a specialist motor racing, had ideas on its own is the same as ruedi in the solex-housing of the base, a fuel injection system fitted.

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Follow the link ? Around £200 plus VAT in the UK

Now fitted in my spider - turns engine over OK but the car still will not start due to other currently unknown problems
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