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Gearbox mount sideways play

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Should there be any sideways play in the gearbox mount? My mount has a couple of thin rubber washers on either side of the mount but there is still some side to side play. Is that normal?
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Even in good condition (new) the Alfa gearbox mount seems quite 'floppy'. Those rubber washers can be replaced with a polyurethane type. Perhaps that'd minimize the side to side movement. Maybe the ones in your Spider are too thin?
There is a designed in side to side movement to allow the engine to move slightly on its mounts to overcome normal 4 cylinder engine vibration:cool:. The large rubber or poly washers are correct as is the additional clearance in this area.
:DGordon Raymond
It reassuring that some sideways play is normal. It isn't excessive and the rubber washers don't seem too bad. However I do have an old invoice passed on from the PO which includes a "temp repair to rear g/box mount" so I'll keep an eye on it.
Rubber mounts

The usual failure is either a sagging or decomposing silent block mount at the trans rear:(. There are temporary fixes, not worth the cost or effort as replacement of the silent block is a CURE:). At the time, I will replace the rubber or poly washers if they show signs of deterioration. A rear sagging mount can cause all manner of symptoms, from popping out of gear, to exploding plastic fans into radiator and hood:eek:. This, with engine mounts is a good preventative maintence replacement item:cool:. It is also a DIY;), and not terribly expensive:rolleyes:. Those that replace sagging mounts are always suprised with the result;).
:DGordon Raymond
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