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Gear shift knob

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I'm almost embarassed to ask this question but...... I'm trying to get the shift knob off my '84 Spider so that I can do some work under the console but it doesn't seem to unscrew like all the other cars I've ever owned. Can't find anything in the shop manual... Can anyone tell me how to get the thing off without damaging something?
Len Desfos
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Well, if its like the GTV original plastic knob - you just pull it straight up cause it's not threaded. But I can't say if yours is the same.
same here

My spider also just pulls straight off. It takes some muscle and maybe some penetrating spray lubricant.
It helps if you hold onto the lever (downward) with one hand while pulling upward with the other. I've often found that using moderate profanity on occasion works when routine by the books doesn't.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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