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Gear chaning and Transaxle Oil - Alfa 90

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Hi all

My new Alfa 90 has a great box. Shifting nicely and no crunching (touch wood). I hear though that they are a potential weak spot on Alfas.

How then do I preserve the box. An Alfa person I know suggested that a good habit to get into is to select first gear by going into second then up to one. Something about preserving synchros!! That right?

Also would I benefit from regular transaxle oil changing? If so:

- what intervals
- do I use 75/90 Grade Gear Oil @ 2.3litres
- Is it advisable to use synthetic or mineral (my Pug 405 Mi16 for instance hates Synthetic gear oil - does the same apply to Alfas)
- I have used a product called Lucas Oil Stabilser in the Pug with some great results. Anybody tried this additive on an Alfa?
- is it hard to change the transaxle oil on an Alfa yourself.

Your advice would be most appreciated.
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