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Well I don't know if this is common but one of the forum members here made contact with me though the PM and we met today to look at my 1976 Spider.

Meeting GBGary was such a pleasure, it was a fantastic 3 hours chatting with Gary ....parked the car out the front of a five star hotel, the Intercontinental Hotel in Kowloon. Pretty soon we were surrounded by inquisitive and admiring hotel guests and Mainland Chinese tourists and the hotel concierge kept popping out to see what was going on.. I swear though Gary was a second hand car salesman and that we were horse trading !

Seriously though, Gary is one of the nicest and classiest people I have met and I don't mean just within the Classic Car community. Gary is a great guy. Smart, witty, incredibly Spider savvy and knowledgeable, plus he's funny.
So Alfa stories and a plethora of information, I discovered switches and knobs - stuff that i had no idea even existed on the car was all revealed and it turns out my car isn't in bad shape !

We then went for a 45 minute drive :)) My only regret was that I forgot to take any pics (and I even took the camera)

Thanks Gary it was a real delight !

Hong Kong
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