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I'm attaching a bunch of files for making gaskets with a Silhouette cutter that I've made or collected over the years.

  • Burman top football cover
  • Burman complete gasket set (looks a bit weird because the file I found online was off dimensionally, so I had to scale it)
  • Carburator mount
  • Mechanical fuel pump
  • Speedometer drive
  • Tachometer drive

To make these, what I do is pop the old gasket (or the flange if I don't have a gasket) on a scanner and scan in black and white. Then I clean up the image a bit, load the it into the Silhouette software, and have it trace the outline. If you're working from a gasket that's it, if you're working from a flange you then may need to add the holes and/or the inside opening in the software, but that's sure as heck a lot easier than cutting it all by hand.

The BB won't let me upload a .zip file so just delete the .txt extension and then decompress the file. Hopefully these will be useful to someone.

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