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Gas Fumes......

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Well guys I know exactly where its coming from the trunk from the pump itself the big gasket is in good shape. the fumes are coming from where the black and white lines go through two little seals or O rings where you unscrew the bracket that holds lines in place, O rings are not sealing and my gas mileage is going south I tried putting rtv sealant around it but it didnt work now I have to get it off. I did that simply because I tried looking for those O rings and couldnt find any.:confused: Anybody know where I get them?? BTW the canastor vent up front is clean also. Gas Mileage is going South man and it aint gettin any cheaper up here:mad:
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I seriously doubt you are losing enough gas around those o rings to make any measurable difference in mileage. You are correct, RTV is not compatible with gasoline. Only the o rings will work. You should be able to find o rings at the big box stores, as they usually have quite a selection of sizes to choose from. You also might try hobby stores, Radio Shack, or auto part stores.
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