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Garage find Alfa Spider

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I have rescued a 1991 Alfa Spider with an automatic transmission from a friend's garage. I know some people turn up their noses at automatics but am I correct that this was the first year they had automatics? Is there a production number with them?

The car sat up for a while but my mechanic has gotten it running by replacing the fuel pumps, alternator and we are currently replacing all the brake calipers since they were seized up. Hopefully it will be somewhat drivable by next weekend. this is my first post on this board and hopefuly it will be as helpful as ferrarichat has been on my other cars.

thanks, Randy
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Welcome to the Alfabb Randy:

91 was the first year for the automatic Spider. They are fairly rare. I don't know their production numbers but perhaps someone else will chime in. They have a 3.xx rear end...don't remember the exact on the diff ratio. The manuals are a 4.1:1. So the auto rear diff is more suited for a good cruiser.

In addition to what you have been changing...I would do a complete fluid swap, new fuel lines at the injector rail and elsewhere as needed, new fuel filters, and fresh hoses and belts as needed. I am surprised to hear the issue with the brakes.

Again welcome to the Alfabb and congrats on the new to you Spider.

Best Regards,
John M
Thanks, Yes the brakes were so frozen we had to drag it to the flat bed to get it to my mechanic's shop. He had to use a prybar to open them enough to move around in the shop. I suspect that it had set up longer than my friend admitted. Since replacing all the fuel pumps and filters flushing the lines, my mechanic says the engine is running smoothly. I have a few other items like you say to tackle as well as a few cosmetics but hopefully I will have it up and drivable soon. Hopefully It will be the perfect little brother to my 328 and I can drive it around town more. Maybe my wife will enjoy driving a little.
Well..If you consider it sat there long enough for them to freeze up....dang..the car must not have been driven in a decade in my mind. I wonder and would be curious to know what caused the brake calipers to freeze. Is the sea salt that rough on the calipers of all cars down in your area? You'll have to post some pictures of them both. You'll enjoy the spider for just the reasons you mentioned. You can drive it all the time, and not have to fret too much over where you park it.

As far as performance between the auto and the manual I haven't driven an automatic. But I have heard others say that the performance is not hampered in the automatic. Supposedly the auto is a 3 speed stout ZF box with torque converter. Us with manuals have our own issues to contend with....i.e. synchro wear and gear grind. I looked up the ratios on the diff and box:


Best Regards,
John M
The alternator was shot too. I'm hoping that I get it drivable with less than 2k as the body and top look good. At least it was in a garage.
you'll probably get a wider audience for your questions if you put your questions in the Spider forum here on the BB. Good luck with the car, sounds like it could be a real find if the body is good.
Welcome to the board, and congrats, looks like a great find! Pictures please!!!;);)
I started a new thread with pictures of the car in the spider forum thanks.
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