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Hey AlfaBB, I'm cleaning out my garage, and I have a few big parts left over from my '79 Spider part out. I'm probably going to end up scrapping a bunch of parts if nobody has any interest in them, so send me an offer. I'm eager to free up some space so name your own price and I'll probably accept!

Most of these are probably too expensive to ship, but if you're really interested I can get a quote for you. I'm located in 19083 (Havertown, PA) just outside of Philadelphia.

The before picture...

Nose cut - 1/3 up the fender on either side, a few dents/some surface rust where it was cut.
Hood with hinges - has a chip on the front, no light.
Trunk Panel - some red overspray, otherwise not too bad
Front Bumper (second pic)- a couple of chips, no emblem. Has shocks+license plate mount
Driver's door (second pic) (third pic) - has door panel, but the car wasn't water proof so it's pretty water damaged, has glass and mirror too
Rear differential+axles (second pic) (third pic) - limited slip model, didn't seem to make noise when I drove the car, but I didn't get a chance to do much test driving.
SPICA manifold+extras - everything but the pump itself. Probably reasonable to ship.
OEM Alfa rear muffler - single chrome tip, I think it's from a newer spider
Duralast Gold battery for an Alfa Spider - has a warranty, so I can exchange it for a brand new one if you want
SPICA cylinder head, cams, cam caps - As is, car had a head gasket failure so it may need to be resurfaced
SPICA 2.0L block - pistons, crankshaft
Upper oil pan
Lower Oil pan - a few chips in the fins
Timing cover

Like I said, make me an offer, I'm trying to get rid of this stuff and would rather it be put to good use than turned into scrap metal. That being said, I'm hoping to clear it out this week if possible!
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