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the first day I had my 85 i had a similar issue after buying every 10a bullet fuse available in my small town i went to work.. Similar to you i was chasing everything i could find in the factory wiring diagram connected to fuse 7 . I had determined it HAD to be the ignition switch as with everything under the dash disconnected it would blow as soon as i hit the key to "run". and was about to start pulling parts and drilling out the security ricvit on the switch when papajam told me to disconnect the pinkish wire to the cigarette lighter tape it off and try again ...problem solved He said it was a common problem at the time with spiders so just a thought also if you have not already.... contact Papajam via pm and politely request one of his suitable for framing wiring diagrams it is worth its weight in gold
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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