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High Performance Street, Track, SCCA F Production 2.0 L Engine Available

Available in various states of assembly or complete - Hardware for a Fresh 2.0L Alfa engine built for SCCA F Production Limited Prep specifications OR it will make a killer Vintage Race / Street / Track motor . The engine should produce an easy 150 - PLUS - reliable Horse Power based on assembly detail, oiling improvements, compression ratio, cams and cylinder head flow improvements.( No BS horsepower numbers will be quoted until completion and the engine is run on a dyno. ) This engine was being built for a customer as a solid starting point for a full race F Production Race Engine with the intent to continue to upgrade as his skills and the vehicle chassis development progressed. Unfortunately personal issues prevent him from completing the project.

Pistons - built with new Borgo 10.4 CR piston and liner kit - block liners measured for proper liner pop-up to ensure best head / gasket sealing.

Rods - lightened, shot pened and prepped to proper big end and pin bearing size and straightness.

Crank - standard rod and main bearings - not undercut. Oil galley plugs have been removed, tanked (cleaned), drilled and tapped for socket head allens, sized, straightened and micro polished.

Block - tanked. Oil galleries drilled for main bearing feeds for # 2 and 4 main bearings ( a MUST for reliability in a race engine). All original Al oil plugs removed - tapped fitted with allens.

Head - beautiful as new casting used as a starting point - with the least porosity I've ever seen. Mild porting - contoured valve seats - not just your typical 3 or 5 angle race cut but a special profile smoother than a bady's butt...... Flowed on a Superflow bench with excellent low lift cylinder packing and 175 CFM flow at .450" valve lift ( flow sheet available ) Guides sized. Stock as new valves with minimal cut for a fresh contact surface. Head cut for high lift cam clearance as well as additional oil flow relief to pan. NEW 11mm cams ( F Production maximum). Cam specs - 312 degrees duration - 284 at .050" at 99 degrees overlap - recommended centerlines at 102 degrees. NEW high lift/load valve springs. Head shaved to provide 10.5 CR - fine for street - legal for F Prod limited prep. This setup is built to rev to 7000 easily and have GREAT low end and midrange power for both street driving and track when using a stock transmission.

I used the best hardware from my 20 years of collecting Alfa spares when I built this.

I'd prefer to sell the complete engine assembly but I am willing to sell the head and short block seperately if required.


Complete head assembly - assembled and lashed - $1375

Short block assembly - crank, rods assembled in block, rings end gapped installed with liners in block with correct pop-up, bearings - complete rotating assembly - $2000

Complete Block Assembly - Assembled with the same degree of preparation and details - including: oil pump, chains, pulleys, gaskets, front cover, water pump, Al bat wing oil pan. (Everything but head.) $3000.

Complete Engine - Assembly of above with valve timing set and degree'd. Head gasket, valve cover. Ready for your ignition, flywheel and Spica or Webers intake system - Wrapped and on a pallet for shipping $4750

Other parts and pcs available based on your needs. Serious buyer questions gladly answered. Serious offers considered.

Thanks, Chris 585 330 5456

[email protected]


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Hi Po 2.0 L Engine Package

Short block assembled. Lots of tire kickers but still available. Prefer to sell as a complete package. You can't buy the parts, do the machining, dimensional checks and assembly for the price.
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