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Fuel pump

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I have a67 1600 w/mechanical fuel pump. It will not deliver. Has been sitting for 20yrs. Any way to prime or get it back in action or do I replace with new (costly) rebuild, or run an electric pump?
Where would I rebuild?

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I am sorry to inform you that your fuel pump is most likely not going to come back from the dead without a rebuild/replacement.
The rubber membrane inside gets hard from age or will crack.

Good news is a mechanical replacement is not too much $$$. Check with the online vendors.

If the pump is the original (a picture here would be nice to tell...) Then and Now Automotive in the USA has rebuild kits or will rebuild yours if you send it to them. Also not very much $$. I think their kit for my fuel pump was $50 ish.

No need for an electric pump! Stock ones work very well !!
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