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The S3 Pump Might Work Here

I'm currently working on 73 spider (SPICA)

Does anyone know the GPH and PSI specification for the fuel pump near the tank? This car is a non-runner and the pump is seized. Really I don't know if what was last on here is OEM.

Thanks in advance!
The OEM pump for Spica is virtually unobtainium. You can modify the Bosch pump for the S3's to work properly in a Spica S2. It looks pretty easy. I'm looking for the thread that explains it but can't find it myself right now. I believe Roadtrip is the author. More than my 1 minute search should turn it up.

You have to modify the output port by first closing it off with a bead of solder and then drilling a 1/16th inch hole through the bead. You will have to also modify the wiring.

Hopefully Roadtrip will see this and fill in any blanks.

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