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Few questions for those in the know.

I own a 1989 Alpha Spider Graduate.

1- What direction does the arrow on the check valve point? Towards the inlet valve or away from it? I have cleaned it and air flows and i put it back the way it was. Just need to confirm the way it is in correct direction. (vacuum being created in gas tank)

2- i have buzzing sound in my main rule pump. it was intermittent (no sounds to start then after a number of miles I hear it. Fuel pump is only about 1000 miles old.
I just replaced the in tank fuel pump and now the main fuel pump is noisier and no longer intermittent. (tested the old one when i took it out and it was working).

i am concerned this is a sign of upcoming failure and would prefer to have peace of mind on my road trips.

Any guidance as to next steps would be great.

Many thanks .Rob


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