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fuel pressure light question

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I continue to try and sort out my mis fire when hot issues. I have, I think eliminated the ignition. Now to the SPICA.
My fuel pressure light lights when the lead to the fuel line is grounded and the ignition is on HOWEVER it NEVER lights up otherwise. no matter if the ignition is on or off or the car is running or not. Seems to me it should light when the igntion is on and the car is not running.
Do I have that right and should I now replace the sender?

Also, is the fuel evaporation system in play here? The manual indicates that it should be serviced/checked. I have NEVER done anything with it although (Before you guys jump on me about maintenance) just about everything on the car has been maintained meticulously, including the fuel filters. :D
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It sounds as if the fuel low pressure warning light sending unit is bad. When first turning the ignition key on, the fuel light should come on momentarily (couple seconds or so), then go out and not come on again while the ignition key is on.
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