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Fuel leaking from filler door

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I've searched the forums and didn't see this pop up, lots of fuel smell and leak issues, but not this one.

I filled up with gas yesterday (didn't top off the tank, just let the pump click off) and somehow fuel leaked either from behind the gas cap or through the rubber flap? There was no fuel in the trunk and none leaking in the wheel well, just from the fuel door. I have the recalled fuel cap so I know that's done. I suppose the tank could have been overfilled but I filled up no differently than I have in the past. Image attached of the leak.

Has anyone else have this happen?


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I would give it another couple of fill ups before fiddling with anything. Maybe a fluke thing at the pump.

I've had this happen with the 5.0 in my signature, but not consistently. No fuel smells or anything with that car. In recent memory, it cured itself.

I've had issues the other way as well, with the pump cutting out early. A 2011 mitsubishi that ended up having an evap line plugged with a spider web. Now its happening on the replacement, a 2014 passat. This hasn't been bad enough to deal with yet. Strange coincidence.

I would think the pumps trip on high pressure. I could never pinpoint on the 5.0 where pressure might be relieved inadvertently to allow it to overflow. If anyone knows better how the pump functions, that may also be helpful.
It happens once in a while in both the 91S, and the Milano, not so far in the LS. I think it has to do with the pump nozzle and when it shuts off, and the design of the car tank venting system. The Milano for instance is a real pain to get filled all the way. The pump just keeps shutting off because the car vent is too small, shutting off the pump prematurely. My wife just hates that.
Interesting. The pump kicked off while I was checking the oil so I wasn't holding the nozzle into the tank. I suppose that maybe the resting nozzle angle didn't allow the right amount of pressure to build and it kicked off late, overfilling the tank. A hard left-hand off-camber corner may have spilled it out of the filler neck on my way into work. I'll keep an eye on it, thanks guys.
Quick follow-up. This happened again, two fill-ups in a row, more fuel spilling out from behind the gas cap while cornering. Is there a seal in the gas cap that should prevent this overflow, and maybe mine isn't sealing properly?
What I see in my 91S cap, there is a big fat black O ring of sorts to seal around the cap central tube. When I release the gas cap, I hear the pssst of a change in tank pressurization, as it should.

Does your car's gas cap have that O ring, and do you hear a pssst when you remove the cap?
NAPA 703-1686 will get you a cheap cap if you think you need it.
Looks like the OEM, although NAPA or Stant, the make of the cap, doesn't mention it fitting the 164 (probably never heard of the car, lol). If the car passes the Smog check, go for it. Good to know.
Passed CT smog with it after the OEM one failed. That NAPA part is missing the plastic stud that holds the rubber flap. Only downside I could see. About $6 or $7 I think.

I recall getting a strange look asking the wouldn't have a gas cap for 1991 Alfa Romeo 164, would you?
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