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Fuel injection problem

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Hi guys, i have a problem with my spider, i get fuel pressure and spark, but i get no injector pulse, i get one blink when i turn my key on for a split second then nuthin when i crank, im puzzled. Also i have two wires around coil area, dunno if they were attached before i got it, i never had it running. 1 wire is white with a black tracer and 1 is black with a white tracer, seems like that they are only long enough for the coil area, my manual dosent tell me where the wires go, nor the color. Can anyone give let me know? Does it have anything to do with the injectors?
Btw, its a 86 graduate, with 81 spider engine and 81 wire harness and computers.

Thanks guys!
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I would guess it's your combination relay. Do you have a noid light? If not go buy one and plug it into your injector harness. If it flashes it's working. If not the relay or the wiring in between is bad.

By the way 81 Spiders were Spica injected. You must have an 82 setup.

I'd have to check the wire diagrams I have at home (PapaJam's excellent color-coded diagrams) to know for sure what those wires are and where they attach. I do recall a number of wires that attach to the coil. There may even be a picture here somewhere...

See the link in my signature for a whole page about the L-jet system.
Check this thread: coil wires for some pictures.
ya i put a noid light on, theres no pulse and its an 82 sorry guys
I would bet it's the compination relay as long as the wiring is correct.
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