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fuel hose length

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Have some issues with a fuel leak were the fuel hose enters the filter from the pump. I figured the filter needs changed since who knows how long that has been done. I ordered one and should get it in a few days. I was thinking maybe I should replace the hose while I'm at it. Went on international auto parts and they sell by the foot. Pump to filter looks to be less than a foot. Can someone tell me how many feet of hose I need from the filter to the engine. And what millimeter hose do I need. I think it's 8mm but I want to make sure before I order. Thanks. New to this so I have a 1988 alfa romeo graduate spider. Thanks
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I don't know the answer to this but if you are still in need of an answer I would suggest posting the question in the Spider section or one of the Technical forum sections. (Maybe one of the moderators can move this thread there for you) I don't think this AROSC section gets much traffic which is probably why you have not gotten any responses.
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