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FS: Weber carbs with stacks

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Hello there,
I've got a pair of very nice Weber 40DCOM10/11 carbs with 34mm venturis for sale. These were on my 105 and the only reason I'm selling them is to install 45s ... These carbs are in tip-top condition and need nothing. More info with pics to follow shortly, asking $495.

PS - I've also got a spare Euro manifold and linkage kit if anyone's interested..
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Will the manifold fit a 1300 engine?
I'm 90% sure it'll fit a 1300 engine. A second opinion would be best though...
Here is how these carbs are set up:
34mm main venturi
4.8 aux venturi
145 main jet
190 air corrector jet
F68 emulsion tubes
62 F21 idle jet
45 pump jet

This should be good for anything between a race 1300, and a healthy 2000.
I seem to have temporarily misplaced the jet inspection cover on the second carb, I should find it otherwise I will deduct its price from the total.


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PM and email sent
Please reply back so I know if the intake is still available or not.


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