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*****venduto***dell'automobile del pedale -


Just in time for Christmas….

1994 Alfa “pedal car” Spider is freedom. Alfa “pedal car” Spider is technology. Alfa “pedal car” Spider is Italian elegance on display on the world’s roads. Alfa “pedal car” Spider is a legend among open-top pedal sports cars.

The heir to the Giulietta Spider and the unforgettable Duetto – genuine motoring icons – the model, launched at the Geneva Toy Motor Show, immediately won the title of ‘Cabrio of the Year 2004’ from 3 to 5 year old children.

The Alfa “pedal” Spider is the most stunning and evolved example of the new generation of Alfa Romeo pedal cars. An all-Italian car, the result of childhood dreams in Italian styling from Pininfarina. The essential, simple style – as you would expect of a ‘one-seater’ – conveys both elegance and strength: the Alfa “pedal car” spider is not just beautiful, it is also the maximum expression of technology and sportiness. The welcoming passenger cabin and quality of the advanced equipment of fake gauges, and radio sticker mark the return of a legend.

Growing legs and a small garage, and new interest in two wheeled vehicles with training wheels forces sale.

includes original box and wrapping. Local pick-up only. Want to pass along to other future Alfisti.


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