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I have for sale a pair of Weber 40mm carbs off a 2lt 105, that have just been reconditioned. I was going to use them myself, but have decided to go with 45mm, so am selling these.

They've been fully reconditioned by my specialist Italian Alfa mechanic within the last month, he cleaned them in an acid bath, and replaced all needles, seats, gaskets, seals and washers etc. They're ready to go, and have not yet been used.

The buyer has a choice of 32 or 34mm chokes, as my mechanic will provide either to suit the buyer's needs. He is also prepared to jet them to suit, so long as the buyer advises what jetting they want, or the specs of their cams, exhaust etc, so he can estimate jetting needs. If they're for a standard 1750 or 2000 engine he can jet them to original specs. This will save the buyer a fair few dollars.

I also have a euro style airbox mount that I'll throw in if the buyers needs it for a spica-carb conversion.

Am asking $1200AUD ($1000USD / GBP500)

The carbies are in Melbourne, and I can assist with shipping.
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