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Folks, as many of you know, I have brought my service business to "a successful conclusion" <grin> after twenty-eight years repairing Alfas and sold out to my business partner to go on to a second career (or is that third or fourth?) teaching people how to drive on the race track!

I sold my lady's S4 Spider (that I sold her, before we were an item) through an ad on this board and I'd like to try again.

This is a car that I sold through my shop (Krause & England, Inc.) in 1992 to a member of the armed forces who took great care of it. It's a 1985 triple-black Spider Graduate with Panasports and ice-cold air conditioning! 60,200 miles (IIRC, it had around 29K when I sold it to him) and it deserves a better than average home.

Details and pics can be seen here: Krause & Associates, LLC - For Sale

It's for sale for an amount that is far less than it would cost to take an average car and turn it into something as nice as this.

Thanks, Peter
Krause & Associates, LLC - Home
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