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FS: Spider workshop manual

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Manual is in excellent condition. This is a xeroxed copy with clear plastic
cover, bound, and only $20.00.


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You may want to indicate for what years is this manual applicable...

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spider manual

Thanks Enrique for the suggestion. Trouble is I could not find the year anywhere. The manual goes into the L-Jetronic system, and the cover shows the phone dial wheels. I'm not that well versed on the year it changed. I'm showing my ignorance here, but I believe my '89 had the Motronic system, as well as my '85 so it should be for a newer spider. Any suggestions on how to tell are appreciated.

From what you are describing, it would seem that it is a manual applicable to the '86 and later series 3 cars. It should also be applicable to earlier L-Jet models. The Spider factory manual that I bought for my '84 Spider (from the Alfa dealer at an exorbitant price) is actually an edition later than 1984, but it is applicable to my '84 and several years after. The L-Jetronic fuel management system was introduced in 1982 and used until 1989. In 1990 Alfa switched to the Motronic, but the Spiders still had the series 3 body. It may be good if you could scan the cover, and perhaps the contents to give people a good idea of what you have.

I am actually interested, as I am a bit tired of carrying my manual between NJ and OH!

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