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For Sale: 4 KYB Gas-a-just shocks for 750/101 - See ebay

I bought these shocks about 15 years ago, when I was assembling my Giulia Spider. They come complete with all hardware, and are cosmetically good (see photos). Although they are used, they have very little mileage on them, and have been on a car stored indoors all their lives.

When I removed the shocks, I found that one of the fronts seems to have lost its gas – it still damps OK, but does not extend under its own power as the other 3 still do (see photo showing just the two front shocks – the “good” one will extend after it has been compressed). So, I cannot say that all 4 are as good as new. Install the “out of gas” shock on the passenger side, and you will have slightly different L-R front spring rates to compensate for the driver’s weight.

These shocks were way too stiff for my taste – my Giulia is strictly a street car, and I found that the combination of firm damping + additional spring rate from the gas was just too much. I replaced them with Konis set to fully soft (the best price I could find for Konis, $94 apiece, was on the web at

Well, these didn't sell here after several days, so I have listed them on ebay with a starting price of $35.


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