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I have noticed most Milanos seem to have a minor leak or at least a seep from the power steering system. This tends to disolve the paint on driver's side of the engine bay allowing rust to start. Normally it seems this leak comes from a hose or hose connection. Thus the reason for this kit.

This kit replaces the hoses to and from the cooler and from the rack to the reservoir. The hose is very high quality (rated to carry almost any automotive fluid at 300 psi !) and is almost identical in appearance to the OEM hose. We include guarded stainless steel clamps. These clamps don't have the hose damaging serrated edges most cheaper clamps have. Instructions are included.

The kit does not include the hose from the pump to the rack as that one is still available from the normal Alfa parts suppliers. (It's called the pump to reservior kit in the IAP catalog but that's an error)

I am cross posting here and in the classifieds since it's a new product.
For the next two weeks it's $79 here at the BB ONLY! Then it's going up to $95 and won't be comming back down.

Note: Some really sharp observers may notice the unusual hose routings as well as other things in the picture. That's due to the heavy amount of custom work on this particular car. The original routings can be used.

Greg Gordon,


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