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FS: One Alfa hubcap ring - Need a Spare!!

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For sale: one only hubcap center ring. Note that this is a very nice earlier model center cap with a separate attached plastic & aluminum logo cap; not the cheap later one with the vague pressed-in logo. It is a stainless steel center beauty hub cap for a 71-80's Spider, Berlina or GTV, 4x108. It measures 6 7/8" across and 2 1/2" high. It is used but in good condition with only minor surface scratching (hazing). The black, white & silver Alfa logo emblem (1 5/8" dia) is in very good condition with what appears to be a small un-noticable heat pock mark 2mm dia. but this may be part of the plastic casting. YOU WILL NEED A SPARE SOME DAY!! $10/OBO + shipping ($5) takes it!


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Bump this.
Sold (payment rec'd) 5 minutes ago; offer 3 minutes after listing. Wow! Sorry. I had it listed here for over a year at $20 +SH and just reduced it to $10 + SH.
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