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Seemed more appropriate to put these here than the Alfa classifieds.

Recently bought a Jag XJ6 from the son of an elderly man who left the car behind when he retired out of state.
It seems some of the spare parts in the trunk are for a Fiat X-1/9.
I do not have one so am offering the parts here before putting them on CL.

I understand that new struts may currently be hard to get from KYB.

I can take and email pics if desired.
I see on-line that these are moderately expensive, I would like $200.00 for the full set including shipping in the lower 48 states.
I will throw in any other items that I find to be Fiat related as well.

Or I will sell either set for $100.00 and actual shipping expense.

Front strut part number is "Gas Charged MacPherson strut" #G46673.
PN# S7062C also appears on the box label.
Actual PN# stamped on the strut is 734425
Color is black.

Rear are KYB GR-2 gas Strut.
PN# 233004#
Color is silver if it matters.

All are in original boxes that are worn from storage.
My web search indicates these fit 1979-1983 X 1/9's.

Richard, (775) 783-4867, [email protected] or a PM on this site.
MAY trade for S2 to early S3 Alfa Spider parts, need some new rubber bits for the drive-train, Dellorto service kits, brake parts, Euro air cleaner, or ?
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