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FS: NorCal 5 speed 95' 164LS

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<h3>We need this car out of here, New price of 3.2K!!</h3>

Hi. My father picked this car up about 4 months ago but decided it doesn't fit his commuting routine and bought a Renault instead (??).

The car has 82K miles, 5 speed transmission. There's a crack in the windshield. The AC blows cold and the car drives nicely. The paint is very glossy and very attractive. The interior is in nice shape. He has complete records of all work within the last 3 years including timing belt, clutch, exhaust, brakes, etc.

The car is fast and sounds great. I'm going to miss it but we have FAR too many projects going on. It's a very nice car that needs little to become perfect. It's a shame Alfa left the country, this late model car is very impressive!

$3.2K. (was 3,500)

For more detailed information or if you would like to come see the car, please PM me or email me at dorifto AT sbcglobal DOT net.



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The car looks much nicer in person mind you. These pictures are washed out from the sun.


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We'ved priced this car to sell quickly. I just picked up a 74' Fiat spider that needs work, ontop of a GTV6, Milano 3.0, and Maserati Biturbo, which all need work. Far too much going on in our driveway for this nice car to be sitting around.


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HI. So where, geographically, is this?

Hi there, it's in San Jose, CA. I live in Southern San Jose (Almaden Valley) to be more specific.
Grant, has it passed smog?
It did pass smog. My dad said the previous owner smogged it (OBD II!) when he got the car.
I should mention that the clutch pedal squeaks. Maybe it should be lubricated?
Bump please!
New price: 3.2k!
To the top please.
Wrong side of the country at the wrong time. Otherwise I'd be meeting you at the airport. Big help I am, right? At least the thread's staying at the top!
Couldn't you have posted that in like 2-3 days when I'm back on page 3!!

JK, thanks for the info. And you COULD drive this car across the states..
I just drove this car today. Alfa or not, this is a very expensive feeling car for the asking price.

I hope someone decides they could use an LS in their life before we just keep it!

Hi from both a forum Newbie and an Alfa Newbie. Ive been looking to purchase my first Alfa for a couple of months. Ive done quite a bit of research and I'm ready. 2 questions, are the windshields hard to find ? can they be ordered thru PPG or a standard autoglass company ? and 2nd any idea what it would cost to ship across country to Pittsburgh ? Robb
Hi Rob,

I don't know about PPG but we can have a windshield installed for 400-500 dollars. I don't know how much shipping would be ($1000?) but you could drive this car across the US.

Actually, I could drive this car to you if that ends up being cheaper.
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