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FS: Milano Verde $2500 obo

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I bought this Verde is February and personal reasons have forced me to sell. It is my second Milano and my first Verde. It pulls strong and runs very well. Since I purchased it I have installed ball joints for the castor rods and poly upper control arm bushings as well as timing belt, cap, rotor, plugs, valve cover gaskets, cam seals/o-rings and a k&n filter so I would not have to worry about buying regular filters. The only oil I have used is a 50/50 blend of Mobil 1 15/20 and GTX 20/50. The car has Bilsteins, Bridgestones, and all records from the previous owner. No cracks in the windshield and even more cracks in the dashboard or rust! Everything works even the A/C. and power antenna. Zero tranny issues. The only issues are the ABS pump has a slow leak, and the steering rack has a small leak as well and the lower control arm bushings are creaking. I will replace the lower control arm bushings for a small amount plus parts if the buyer would like. The car does have a salvage title due to it being rear ended and the insurance company realizing that these cars are more expensive to fix then they are worth. Asking $2500 because the car is is very good condition minus the body damage in the rear (see pics). Car runs great, drives great and is a very good platform for anything you would want to use it for. Car is located in Colorado.


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Milano Verde...More pics.

more pictures....


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And even more....

some more pictures...


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Is it an 88?

Did you buy this from Spider4Me?

Pics are pretty small. Is the left rear quarter buckled? I know you mentioned the damage, but the pic is hard to assess the severity.

Where in Colorado?

yes, this is the same car but so much has brought this car from where it was when it came off of the trailer. I am in Lakewood, CO and will get some better pictures of the body damage when I can.
Verde for Sale

Just so we are clear, I posted for a friend of mine. This car was not mine to sell. But it was a very good car when it left Oregon, save the body damage and title

I kind of wish I bought this car while it was in OR - would'a saved me a trip.

Colorado eh? Can you send me your phone number? I'd like to have a look!
I sent a PM. I am in California now, but i will be back early next week.
Would you feel confident about driving the car to the East coast?
Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
88 Verde
I would not hesitate in driving the car to the east coast. The car is very well sorted and I do not feel well about my cars being any other way.
My son lives in Fort Collins and he has only bicycle wheels. I think that we may be able to have him get the car and use it until I can get over there to drive it home.
Please PM me.
To those of you that have been emailing me, I am back in CO now so feel free to call. (720)394-3433. thanks, benny
I bought this car but I have not seen it yet. My son is driving it in Colorado and I will get to drive it the next time that I visit him in Fort collins. It may eventually end up in South Carolina.
Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
88 Verde in SC
88 Verde in CO
Do you still have this car up for sale if so please contact me via email at [email protected]
I own the car and it is Columbia SC. I plan to sell it soon but a friend has first option on it. The original description was not accurate. The car had no belts on either the AC or the power steering when my son got it. The clutch was worn out and one of the rear doors was jammed. I should have had a mechanic check it out. I was too trusting. The power steering is now working but it has a leak. The AC compressor is very weak. I fixed the rear door that was jammed. I replaced the bad ABS pump. The car needs tires but otherwise is good. It has an almost new front giubo and a brand new Bosch fuel pump and the center and rear mufflers have been replaced. I want $2k for it but as I said, a friend wants it and I am giving him a little time to get the money together.
Ok. So the clutch is back in shape as well? Just let me know if he doesn't by it I am in no rush.
The clutch was replaced by a Porsche dealer in Fort Collins. It cost almost as much as the $2500 that I paid for the car. It has done about 12000 miles since then. I seriously considered parting it out and keeping the engine for my GTV6, but it is too nice a car to kill.
My home email is prytherche at bellsouth dot net. You are welcome to contact me directly. I have a buyer for my anthracite Verde too. It has been my daily driver for 6 years. It is probably going to Pennsylvania.
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