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I am sorry to make you read for an explanation if these are not what you need. I got them when I needed the corner lens. I thought I had been clear when I asked for turn signals. Oh, well.
So what I actually have here is a pair of the two amber lamps that mount under the front bumper of your Milano. I honestly don't remember if they are turn signals or just parking lights. They are not the ones on the side, set in the bumper, nor do they swap with those on a GTV6. The second pic show what appears to be a crack on the lens of the left one. I can see it, but it seems to be on the inside. The outer surface of both lenses is smooth. Part numbers (if it matters) are and >.23.00
I am not looking to get rich on them because they are unobtanium.
Are they worth 10 bucks plus shipping to you? from zip 47803
John L
(sorry the pics are so big - I resized them to 40kb??)


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