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I've got a pair of beauties I need to move out this month... Phil Wicks' old 1981 silver Spider Veloce, currently on e-Bay, #190171210611, or see it at Alfa-Base :: 1981 Alfa Romeo Spider, now available ; and Sherry and my long-loved black 164L, which I may put on e-Bay soon but can be seen for now at Alfa-Base :: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L for sale!

Both cars are in excellent mechanical condition, with significant performance enhancements, and cosmetically very sharp. The reserve on the Spider (Gola Profonda) is under $5,000 and that is INCLUDING a new top that I will order, in cloth or vinyl, for the new owner! Asking price on the 164L (Marlena) is $4,950, but that price is negotiable because with all the history I've had with this car since 1999, I care deeply that she go to a good Alfa household.

The Spider has Dell'Orto carbs, performance tires, freshly rebuilt transmission, and new silver paint. The 164L has Boge Sachs shock absorbers, performance springs, Ricambi chip for 201 horsepower, CD changer, sunroof, etc.

If you want to have the best looking driveway in town, you can have this pair of sharp Alfas for under $10,000!

If you know of anyone who can provide a good home for either or both, please pass this along. Thanks!

Arlington, Virginia (six miles from DC)
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