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For Sale: Pair of GTV6 taillamp lenses. "Good from far, but far from good" as it were... One has a little milky fog (due to detergent getting in) and both have a bit of "spidering inclusions" common to these. They are strong and not crumbling. Monting pins are all there.
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The following picture shows 9 retaining screws but now there are 10 (supposed to be 12). I also have a horn button w/ assy, a shift knob, and a pair of windshield wiper arms (painted).
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Any reasonable offers entertained. I have tried to get the best pics I could so you see what you're getting. The inclusions are most apparent when viewed on agle or when sunlight strikes at an angle. On the good side, the rubber gaskets are in very good shape, better than the NOS ones I replaced them with. Had I thought about it, I could have covered them with smoke protection sheet.

Thanks for looking,
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