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FS: GTV6/Milano stuff

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Edited the first post to show more stuff.
Someone buy this poor 164S.
AlfaSud auction ended, no one purchased it, you should. It would be neat.
Do you know if those rear springs are the Shankle "Sport" or "Super Sport"?
Do you know if those rear springs are the Shankle "Sport" or "Super Sport"?
No idea, i was just told they are a set of shankles
Added a set of GTV6/Alfetta GE high beams, the sealed blub type. Not as cool as the hellas above, but new nad will go cheap like the last pair.
164S is going to a good home, and those Hella low beams are gonna be a steal!!! I shall be listing more stuff when i arrive back home on Monday.
Well all the previous items have been shipped today. Expect them soon!
Im cleaning up a few more sets of solid caliper brake lines for the GTV6/Milano/75 like pictured in the rebuild kit, just without all the other goodies.
Alfa Romeo 22mm brake master cylinder:

Alfa Romeo 23mm brake master cylinder: (upgrade for smaller BMC cars)

Alfa Romeo GTV6/ Milano/ 75/ Alfetta caster arm:

Alfa Romeo GTV6/ Milano/ Spider auxiliary air valve:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 right tail light cover:

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 Sports Sedan GE Highbeams:


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts