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Ok, I was all set to build my GTam clone and then my '71 GTV got rearended. So my '74 became the donor car for the '71 and the GTam is no longer on the radar.

These are a near perfect set that will fit either a step-nose or a smooth nose GTV with minor trimming. The fit is excellent and the there are no voids or delaminations. The only imperfection is a 1/2" crack on the edge of the driver's side wheel well opening from handling. This can be easily repaired. There are small surface scratches on the gel coat which would all be sanded out prior to finishing and nothing that would require filling. Most of what you see in the pictures is just dirt and packaging tape.

The weight of the front fender is 3lbs and the rear is 4lbs. They are unfinished of course. Daron at Vintage Customs was kind enough to sell me his last set for a reasonable price so I would just like to get my money out of them.

All four fenders for $800 plus shipping (Not interested in splitting them up). This is a heck of a lot less than stock replacement fenders!

PM me if interested. If no action I'll put them on eBay but I would prefer to see them stay in the BB family...

GTam group.JPG




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