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I owned a Giulietta Spider Veloce for 20 years that a previous owner had converted from a Normale to a Veloce. In 1997, I removed most of the Veloce parts and stored them in my garage. I'm now cleaning out the garage, so i have for sale:

* a 1600cc Veloce engine AR00121-02226 which is correct for a Sprint Speciale or a Giulia Veloce

* All of the associated ancilliary powertrain parts, including
> Dual DCOE Weber carbs, the intake manifold, linkages, brace
> The exhaust header and dual downpipes (these were brand new when pulled)
> Generator, starter motor, clutch/pressure plate
> 5-speed transmission

Everything has been stored in my dry garage on an elevated wooden shelf since 1997. I had been planning to use these parts for another Alfa project that never materialized. I've got pictures in a photobucket file for anyone who wants to look at them.

I'd like to sell the whole setup as a kit for about $5,500. I'm open to offers for the kit. I'll probably list the engine on eBay if it does not go here, but I'd rather it go to Alfisti first.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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