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UPDATE: Hi, my name is Roland - if you have already called Paul, or interested in the items, please email me (your name and telephone number) or reply to this posting, as well , so that I can assist him and you.

I'm listing these items for our neighbor down the street. He's an older gentleman, who loved his Alfa Romeo's and won a few awards after restoring them. He's up in his years and is no longer able to restore. We are providing him with some assistance and cleaning out the garage, so please call and inquire. I'll list a few things below:

Note: My knowledge of Alfa Romeo is zero, so I'm only listing the items for him. Feel free to email us as all questions will be directed to Paul. If no answer, please leave message as he's really slow in getting around.

1. 72/73 Berlina - Doors (4) - very good condition
2. 72/73 Berlina - Front & Rear seat - black - very good condition - SOLD
3. Motor (2) - 1750: approx 80,000 miles - SOLD & 2000: approx 3000 miles - STILL AVAIL
4.Transmission for 2000 meter motor - approx 3000 miles
5. 72/73 Berlina - Gas tank - very good condition
6. 72/73 Berlina - Trunk Lid - very good condition
7. Starters (2) - 2000 meter
8. Brakes - both sides - needs bearing & seal replace
9. 67/69 Spider - Hard top - nice condition (59 1/2 L X 52 3/4 W)
10. 72/73 Berlina - (5) Wheels & Tires
11. Bumpers - Berlina & GTV
12. Steering gear box with shaft (approx. 2)
13. Intake manifold (approx. 3)

Much much more - hopefully someone out there can use these parts
I've tried to discribe the items as best I can with the assistance of Paul

Thank you

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67 GTV Stuff


Here's a short list of stuff I'm looking for to complete my car:
  • Seats with headrests...69-on.
  • Seat belts...3 point wirh shoulder strap...can be from other year cars.
  • Air cleaner lid and nut...mine were chromed by last owner...want black.
  • 67 GTV Rear bumper, left rear part.
  • Steering bake-lite, 67-69.

Thousand Oaks

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parts for giulia sprint 101.12


I am interested in some parts for a giulia sprint:

-intake manifold for a 101 engine to be used with dual weber
-out door handles
-door lock strikers
-rubber pad for door striker
-striker plate female

I will appreciate some photographs and price
thank you

it's almost a alfa romeo spider
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they are 2.0 iter spica intake manifolds? yes.. how huch do you want for one? my car is a 84 spider, bosch, but i am working on a project, so i am looking for the spica manifold, thanks.. call me at..916.529.7597.. after 7 pm, i am in sacramneto. thanks

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hi...went down to see him a few days ago

i bought a few things from him...very nice guy...has had a lot of alfa's over the years

he told me the 2 liter motor has only 3000 miles on looks great
clean and polished

can tell you everything i bought (including a 1750 engine) was represented honestly

good luck


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Ted. I have a fuel tank FS if Derosier doesn't.

What year and model do you have, where are you located? Do you have carbs or Spica. Is the outlet on the bottom of the tank or out the gauge? Details, Details :)
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