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FS-Ebay '63 Euro Giulia Spider

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I'm selling my '63 spider after 30 years of ownership. It is an unmolested "preserved" example of a rare euro market car in gray over red. Check it out
on ebay. I know I'm crazy to sell, because this car is a blast to drive, but I simply haven't been using it enough. If you're serious and have questions you can send me a private message with your email address and I'll get back to you.
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Ron Sessions

It was about 31 years ago when living in Chester County Pennsylvania that I let my charcoal gray/red interior '63 Giulia Spider go to buy (of all things) a Dodge pickup truck I thought I needed. The '63 had three-shoe front drums, a Pininfarina factory hardtop (which really kept the interior new looking) and a Blaupunkt AM/FM radio. I haven't owned a Spider since and often thought about getting another one. What is the asking price?
You are replying to an older post. It has been sold. The auction ended Oct 28th. He got 26,340 for the car. It was a nice car. I have spoken with the owner.
thanks for your interest. unfortunately the car has been sold. was hard to part with, but i had to do so given business slow down and sons college tuition.
i know...very bad reason to sell, but this how things go. i'll get another alfa in the future. they are very special and spirited vehicles and a perfect example of how the energy that goes into developing something is reflected in the end result.
good luck to you in your search.
With tuition costing a fortune these days, I know the feeling all too well. There will be other Alfas. But my head aches when I remember I sold my running, complete Gray/red Giulia Spider with Euro gauges in the fall of 1974 for $800! Or my Giulietta Sprint I hauled from Philly to Detroit to Tucson and back to Detroit, only to sell it in 1984 for $2000! Alfa values today are really impressive.
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