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FS: Beautiful 1984 GTV-6

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95% restored 1984 GTV-6 for sale. Car was completely rebuilt 3 years ago with many upgrades. Red on black and tan. Less than 20K on rebuild motor. I have been meaning to re-upholster this car but have not had the time. I have the seat kits for the front and a black complete interior. Car was stripped bear to get rid of rust (see pics). Upgrades and repairs/rebuild included:

- Drilled Slotted Rotors
- New Calipers with Ferodo Pads
- Koni Red's front suspension
- Bilstien Rear suspension with IAP Lowering Springs
- SZ Style Performance DeDeion Kit
- Performance Polyurethane Sway Bar Link Bushings
- Performance Polyurethane Suspension Joint
- Trick Caster Joints
- Momo Steering Hub adapter with Wheel
- New Watts Links Bushings
- New Tie Rods and Ballt Joints
- K & N Filter
- New O2 Sensor
- New Hoses, Belts and Filters
- New Fuel Pump
- Rebuilt Alternator with Adjustable Voltage Regulator
- New Radiator Fan
- New Cold Start Valve
- New Column Turn Signal Assembly
- New Alpine CD/MP3 Radio with New Speakers
- New Performatek Clutch
- Lightened flywheel
- New Master Cylinder
- New Plug Wires

All that being said, i'm really going to miss this baby! I spent a good year or so of my life working on it with some friends. Wife has laid down the law:mad: unfortunately and to be honest, i just don't drive it enough!

There are a couple minor issues. The solenoid overheats and sticks, and could use a new one. The window switches/connections are a pain in the butt. All despite all my best efforts there is one spot where i can see the paint bubble (CRAP!!!!) :eek: on the car about the size of a dime, right at the cowel and pillar joint next to the windscreen.

I also think I have some spares to go with it.

Asking $5500, i'm located in Northern Virginia.

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Nice looking you have any pics of interior and contact tel. # or email? I'll be in VA next week and would like to see the car. Thanks, Bill
PM Sent, will upload some more photos tomorrow, hopefully.
More pics from today.

The Good.


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More again.

Unfortunately, the wheels are not included. OEM will go with.


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Interior Pics....


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Last one, i swear...


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Can I call you about your GTV6? Please email me at [email protected]

Thank You
I'll send you and email today.
One more Pic

Engine Bay!


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Beautiful! I wish I had room for another car at the house!
Beautiful! I wish I had room for another car at the house!
:(I wish I had room for the cars I have now.
84 gtv 6

do you have reciepts for all including motor rebuild. How much would you want with the aftermarket wheels. they make the car. what city are you in. thanks
I do not have reciepts for motor rebuild (it was done by my friend who owned the Alfa shop SportsCars LTD. (Richmond, VA) we rebuilt the car in).

I do have all reciepts for work performed since the rebuild in 2004. All major service was performed by London Auto in Fairfax, Virginia. Minor services like Oil Changes, hose replacements, fuel filters, starter and alternator replacement was performed by myself.

If you need reciepts for what parts went into the car, I could try and ask IAP for a history...but no promises.

Thanks but, I'm not sure I can let the wheels go, we'd have to talk, I need them for the 164S I just bought. I do really like they way the look.

If the car hasnt been sold yet, I will gladly pay $5500. The car looks fantastic, Great job restoring it.

To be clear for everyone, the stock rims are what goes with the car. I didn't communicate that very well. I really don't want to give any false impressions. Sorry about that.

84 GTV-6 [SOLD soon, hopefully]
91 164S

If the car hasnt been sold yet, I will gladly pay $5500. The car looks fantastic, Great job restoring it.

Seems like a VERY SMART move - with those kinds of suspension services, it should be worth the asking price easy.

Have fun with it!

1986 GTV-6 2.8 GS
Thanks alot, I just didnt understand how it wasnt sold yet.

I almost cried when the man with the truck took my Alfa away.

Good thing brake dust and valve song cure sadness...

91 164S
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